Lophura is a genus of the pheasant family. It loves the subtropical and tropical rainforest as well as parties, catwalks or red carpets. The Lophura is adorned with striking feather bonnets. The area around the seductive eyes is scarlet red or sky blue. Like a mohawk, feathers sit on the head. The Lophura has erectile tissue, which is formed during the Balzerigieren and is expressed as an eye bulge, accessory or clothing. The Lophura bears eye-catching ornaments such as hoods, throat bags and naked facial skin - without botox and lip filler. The quarreling cocks and hens have pronounced spores, which dig themselves into every injustice like claws. The Lophura are nature lovers. They leave nature only for the search for food or mating season. Most species are shy and there are only few observations.

Where does the name Lophura come from?

Özgür Kul: "The Lophura is a pheasant-like bird and loves the tropical rainforest, parties, catwalks and red carpets. He wears eye-catching ornaments and hoods. Feathers sit on his head like an Iroquois. That inspired me.